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The Super Fullmoon of November 2016, aka. the Beavermoon 🌚🌝

On November 14th 2016.

The supermoon of the month showed up. Yet, it’s not only the supermoon of the month but it’s the supermoon of the year, the most interesting supermoon in a decade and perhaps of the century.

The #view from our #house rooftop of the supermoon of November 2016 which is called #TheBeavermoon 🌚🌝

The Full Moon of the 14th November 2016. Was so far, the largest and the brightest Moon in the sky since 1948. And it will happen again in 2034.

Let’s enjoy it again in 2034. Inshaa’Allah (if God wants).

This particular super moon of November 2016 looked so large and bright because it reached the point in its oribit that is so near to Earth.

The moon doesn’t get bigger, it just appear 14% larger than normally. It’s a “Perigee” Moon.

As I stated before the last time this show happened was in 1948, and will not happen again until 2034.

That’s why it’s the most interesting Space Show of the 21st century.

Source :

Why they call it #TheBeaverMoon ?

The picture was taken by Me near our house in #Tangier #Morocco #Maroc #Tanger #모로코 #탕헤르 #طنجة #المغرب

“November Full Beaver Moon. Or November’s super moon was called “the Beaver Moon” by both the colonists and the Algonquin tribes because this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.”

#supermoonofnovember2016 #thebeavermoon2016 #supersoon #thebeavermoon

#모로코하늘  #달 ♡

Let’s stay healthy until 2034, and enjoy the show  again ^^


– End.

Hope expression in the Hanriver. Seoul, South Korea.


그래.. #나할수있다 #할수있습니다 ! 화이팅~

This expression caught my attention #할수있습니다 along side the bridge called Hangang bridge #한강대교 that connects Yongsanggu/용산구 (north part of Seoul) and Dongjakgu/동작구 (south part of Seoul) you will find a lot of warmhearted expressions.

While walking on this bridge, and except the warmhearted expressions you may enjoy the artificial island called Nodeulseom/노들섬.

It was almost time for sun to go down the #sunset time with the #63building in the backround and the expression “할수있습니다” I found it simply beautiful ♡

#Seoul #서울 #Korea #한국 #AMoroccanInSeoul

– End.

Rain dropes in Seoul, South Korea.

Rain dropes..

One day in 2015, actually, it was a rainy day .. but still decide to go out.

Simply, because Seoul has a special charm in a rainy day that a person must explore.
This time I choose to go to the famous stream which is situated in the heart of Seoul, it’s Cheonggyecheon Stream/청계천.

The place was beautiful, and with the rain which made it more appealing for me to explore. I walked near the stream, crossed the stream using the rocks installed in the stream, and I played with the water.
It was fun~ I was immersed by how this place, even if it’s surrouneded by high buildings and located in the heart of the city, it still has that feels of nature – a part of nature -. A #RainyDay in #Seoul #한국
Near #종각역 #서울 #SouthKorea

It was a veeery rainy day in Seoul, South Korea. It was indeed a veeery cloudy day, strangely this picture makes me feel warm~ this is not so focused picture of the surroundings as much as it so focused on the rain dropes~ ♡

– End.

#Tangier, my hometown

Tangier ♡

  • Arabic:طنجة ‎‎ , Tanjah.
  • Berber:ⵜⵉⵏⴳⵉ.

Tangier, my hometown, where I was born, and lived my whole life.

It is a beautiful city in Morocco, located on the North African coast at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar.

The point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean at the Cape Spartel.

Tangier has a very rich history, due to the historical presence of many civilizations and cultures starting from before the 5th century BC.

Tangier was, and will be a destination of Moroccans and tourists from all over the globe.


My hometown : Tangier

This picture is one of my fav.

This place is quite known in my hometown. It’s called : The Lazy Wall / Sour lem3egazine.

#Morocco #Tangier ##”#

This place, has a view over the main port of the city and if you are lucky and the weather is good you can see #Spain from here.

#Bluesky #clearsky #randomshot  #beautifulview #SkyofMorocco #모로코 #탕헤르 #모로코하늘

Naked trees at ENCGT

Those trees are always naked all year long.. and during all four seasons

To be honest I miss looking at them while having my warm coffee at the cafeteria of ENCG Tangier.

Since we are talking about ENCGT, let be honest I really miss my school/university … these are the cons of being a graduate🎓🎓

Palmtrees @ ENCGT

It was a warm day.. it was almost time for Spring of last year

Picture taken in my school/university #ENCGT #Tangier #Morocco #Maroc #모로코 #탕헤르

Sunset over Achakkar Beach

Sunset over Achakkar beach near my hometown #Tangier #Morocco

That stunning orange color of the sun when about to set down. And let me not forget about those waves~

One word : Beautiful~

My photography

After rain and right before the #sunset we can get this beautiful shot!

#Goldenclouds and beautiful #clearsky #bluesky #SkyofMorocco is always facinating

#Morocco #Tangier #모로코 #탕헤르 #모로코하늘

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